Penis Pillow Meets Real Housewife & Trixie Mattel

Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump - Trixie MotelGotta love a Real Housewife with a plush penis pillow in hand and gorgeous Trixie Mattel by her side in Palm Springs. Love the penises (penii?) lurking on the sofa in the back. 😭🍆💜🕹🌈 [PHOTO courtesy Discovery+] What's going on here with our penis, you ask?

Penis plush Trixie Motel

Trixie Motel is a new show on Discovery+, and in the first episode, Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame accompanies Trixie to housewares store Re(x) in Palm Springs to find furniture and inspiration for Trixie's motel makeover. Now we know where to go in Palm Springs to find the best penis gifts.

Trixie Motel Discovery +

Lisa, in all her glorious Real Housewives poshness picks up the peen and is confused by it. The store clerk demonstrates how the penis neck pillow is worn and Lisa looks blown away and a little disturbed. Trixie asks if it comes in pink. Sadly this photo may be all you see of our lovely penis plush on Trixie Motel because it got cut from U.S. version of the first episode! But it's totally uncut in Europe. The show looks just amazing and we cannot wait to watch it!

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