Periodic Table of Periods

IHeartGuts-PeriodicTablePeriodsWe are pleased to introduce our latest celebration of menstrual cycles -- The Periodic Table of Your Period. An illustrated guide to all things menses, we have included everything from bloating to chocolate, corpus luteum to period underwear. iheartguts-periodictable-2My geochemist husband came up with the idea and of course I am always dying to draw happy tampons, fallopian tubes and mucous, so I finally got my chance! If you look closely, you'll find smiling condoms, IUDs and diaphragms in the Birth Control Series, alongside chemical diagrams of progesterone, folic acid and other important substances that course through your veins monthly. iheartguts-menstrual-seriesThe first column is devoted to some of our favorite menstrual slang, a few highlights include "Shark Week," "Up On Blocks" and of course "Riding the Cotton Pony." This poster is vaguely NSFW, depending on where you work. There are cute little vaginas, horny uteruses and cock-blocked penises (how else can one illustrate abstinence?), so... maybe not the right thing to share with your kids. iheartguts-periodictable-3Visit our Good Ol' Menstrual Cycle poster for something more educational and kid-friendly.


  • codi

    Hi Diana,
    For now, you’ll just have to print your own. Stay tuned, though, and thanks!

  • Susan Bryan

    Love it! Gave me a laugh. Lots of “veins” of humor here.

  • codi

    Thanks Maryam! Look for our tweet @heartyourguts and RT if you like

  • Maryam

    Love this! Wish you had a tweet “share” button!

  • WanderWomban

    Step 1: Download PDF
    Step 2: Get printed
    Step 3: Hang in massage room
    Step 4: ???
    Step 5: Profit

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