Hack This Tooth

IMG_6279Ever since our new organ keychains came in, I've been dying to turn them into necklaces! Let me walk you through this special hack project so you can do it, too. These keychains are fun not only for DIY necklaces, but could make great ribboned medals for races, walks and contests -- think: brain medal for a spelling bee or a testicle medal for a testicular cancer 5k, you get the idea. My project began where all good projects start: the thrift store, where I got a fancy faux gold chain for a bargain $4.99. Off came the keychain rings from the Heart of Gold keychain and Gold Tooth keychain. Use one of the rings to help loop the chain and make an easier-to-clasp clasp on the necklace. Next, put the necklace on to see where you want your medical-fabulous medallions to go, marking the desired link with a twist tie. Then split the ring on each with needle nose pliers and attach it to a necklace link. Voila! Your medical bling is ready to wear.

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  • gutsy

    Thanks so much Justine, for your kind words, you are so sweet and I miss you and the whole team!

  • Justine Pina

    That is really cute. You are so creative and I am so happy and proud of you. I am amazed at how much your company has grown and evolved. Keep it going Wendy.

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