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Caveman Stomach_edited-1Have you ever heard of Hunter-Gatherer diets (ie the Paleolithic diet, Stone-age diet, etc)? It's all about eating plants that grow in the wild, and eating the meat of animals that were free to roam and eat natural diets (for example, free-range eggs). No grains, legumes, alcohol, coffee, or dairy - sorry! You're gonna have to get friendly with honey, plenty of produce, free-range meats, and nuts. The original idea behind this diet is that the biology and genetics of the human body has not changed much from our earlier days. Thus, the diet from "back then" should work great, especially compared to today's American diet & associated diseases (diabetes, obsesity, etc). One of the main problems that critics agree on is that the Paleo diet is confusing. Yes, it's an awesome health move to cut down on processed grains and sweets, but why can't one eat legumes?! What if I stumble across some beans growing in the wild and eat them? Since it is considered a fad diet by many health professionals, little research has been done to investigate health effects. US News and World Report has a list of best rated diets here. Please comment below with your thoughts on the Paleo diet!


  • rachel

    I agree! Good thinking.

  • Healthy Eater

    The paleo diet is nice, but I don’t really follow it. I really like grains and desserts, so it’s not a good choice fo rme. I think it makes more sense to just eat healthily and not completely cut out groups of foods.

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