Close to My Heart

I'm on a mission to make one hundred totally different hearts, hopefully in time for Valentine's Day 2013. In order to make my deadline, though, I have to crank out 1.67 of these a day. Hmm, maybe it'll be more like Valentine's Day 2014. Here's the first three, I'm having fun getting silly messy.


  • shelayna

    Love, love, love!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Kelly

    Hi there,
    Random question/idea. I’m directing a play called Hearts Like Fists that starts performing in late November. In the show, there is an artificial heart featured prominently. We have been having a difficult time finding the perfect heart. Ideally, it would look like an artificial heart and it would glow.

    Could you help or provide guidance? Our website is and you can find more info on the show there.


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