Best Kidney Day Evar

I just had the honor and privilege of meeting some of the amazingly gutsy nurses who work at the Heart and Kidney Transplant Unit at Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C. The nurses there decided to celebrate World Kidney Day in style with kidney-themed cupcakes and kidney themes cookies (aren't they amazing?) and yes, kidney-themed shirts! Being inside a children's hospital is always a humbling experience. I can't imagine the incredible guts required to go through what the kids go through, deal with what the parents of ill children deal with and see what the doctors and nurses see day in and day out. It makes my stomach drop to think about the strength required to endure all that. So impressed. Thanks for letting me visit, ladies!


  • Kathleen

    Love the post, this is adorable!

  • gutsy

    you guys are the adorable ones, thanks again for the fun visit!

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