Geeks 'n Guts

Oh what fun I had in New York! We sold guts, geeked out and had a grand time. Being there was like being home, I enjoyed seeing great friends, checking out old and new haunts and stomping around in Manhattan in autumn, which is of course a magical time. I met Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing without knowing it was him, which is probably all for the best because I would have acted like a geeky fan. Thanks to the peeps at Kidrobot, Shawnimals, Seibei, Mr. Toast, Tenacious Toys, and My Plastic Heart for being great neighbors, I had such fun! See some snapshots of all our fun here, take a video peek via a Booth Crash from Kidrobot, and I'll catch you up on our toymaking panel soon!

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