It's hard to describe exactly what it's like to be at Comic Con International, with all the crazy costumes, fan mania and fascinating sci-fi celebrity, so we'll let the pictures do the talking here. All photos by the lovely Chuva -- that's her on the left with the 7-foot-tall wizard, and that's me with the Night Fever disco storm trooper (hard to tell from the picture, but his helmet is covered with rhinestones. Totally incredible. He couldn't walk more than five steps without someone taking a photo). We all wondered how the Silver Surfer managed to open doors and/or empty his bladder without streaking the world in silver paint. Loved the weird Pokemon flower thing Legend of Zelda deku link and deku flower and the homemade heather grey hoodie sharkman. Maybe the best thing about Comic Con? No one's shy about having their picture taken. Love that.