Yummy Kidneys

Bakerella, the madame of the most inventive cake pops on the planet, and author of Cake Pops, is pretty much the bossest baker out there. Her fans and readers know about her kidney troubles from her blog, and that Bakerella's mother would be donating a kidney to her daughter. We sent a plush kidney in support and look at the amazing red velvet kidney cake pops she made, with step-by-step instructions so you can make your own (perfect to celebrate dialysis, transplant or any other renal holiday you can dream up.) You are amazing, Bakerella, your mother is amazing, and we are honored that you turned these little guys into cute tasty treats!

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  • gutsy

    so nice of you to give mom her kidney back straightaway! hope everyone’s doing great, your mom really is a hero.

  • Bakerella

    Thanks Wendy!

    That little guy really did brighten my day. I gave it to my mom in the hospital right after surgery to spread the smiles.

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