Seen on the Scene

Oh what fun we had at Comic Con this year! Among the many wonderful sights, from top left: our new favorite type 1 diabetic, Cas, wearing a plush mustache and holding our new giant pancreas shared with us the dudes of Epic Mealtime, to whom he sold his Mr. Toast Shaky Bacon necklace for all the money in their wallets. Our booth was staffed by the finest people on the planet, my dear friends Chuva, Carolyn and Shelayna and my brother, Greg, also made an appearance to help peddle guts. Thanks, everybody! We met this pink pair on the floor, this guy wears a screaming pink mohawk in honor of his mom, a 14-year breast cancer survivor, so we asked them to pose with our mammary glands to help promote his site, This lady was sporting a fabulous eyeball hat; Popeye posed with our stomach to digest his daily dose of canned spinach; and a very intimidating Mr. Vader stopped by to show us his heart. Thanks to each and every person who stopped by to take a look at our guts, we truly had the best time meeting and talking to everyone!

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