Hearts in the Right Place

Washington DC's cherry blossom festival April 9 was epic in many ways, we had an impossibly great time meeting peeps and selling guts in the nation's capitol! Lucky for me, my husband, Codi, was able to join me at the booth while my mom watched my 3.5-year-old son and my nearly-80-year-old dad took care of the baby -- it was truly a family affair. We had a ball, people came out in droves despite mediocre weather and a possible government shutdown. We enjoyed watching people giggle over our "I'm a Liver Not a Fighter" shirts, thymus pins, plushie spleens and other silly goofy stuff. The street festival was also able to raise thousands for Japan tsunami relief, if you have still not donated, we have heard the Japanese Red Cross Society has been on the ground helping people since the earthquake struck, learn more about what the Japanese Red Cross is doing to help. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi at our first east coast show! Next up: Bust Craftacular in NYC May 21st, hope to see you in Manhattan.

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