Our Hearts Are With Japan

Cherry blossoms are a-bloomin' down in DC, and they are so lovely! Three thousand of these trees were a gift from the city of Tokyo to Washington DC to celebrate the friendship between the United States and Japan. This year the blossoms seem especially beautiful as we think about Japan's bravery in the face of its current hardship. The cherry blossom festival is especially cool in that it celebrates blooming trees -- an event so ephemeral and unpredictable that it could happen any week, any time. If you're gonna try to go down there, take the metro and walk, traffic is a beast. Check the cherry blossom webcam to take a peek as they peak! And don't forget that I Heart Guts will be selling happy plush organs at the Sakura Matsuri street festival on April 9. This year, the theme of the festival, put on by the Japan-America Society of Washington, is Stand with Japan.

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