There's not much we can add to the terrible events Japan has endured during and following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that literally rocked the planet (seriously folks, my husband is a geologist and that's how big a 9.0 earthquake is -- the earth's axis shifted for pete's sake. Japan's coastline moved 8 feet. It was a BIG quake.). Of course we wanted to give back, thankfully Q Pop, a shop we love in Los Angeles, held a benefit featuring all kinds of cool art and stuff for sale to help raise money for local hospitals near Sendai, Japan, where the earthquake hit hardest. We donated a ton of guts to show how much we heart Japan, and not all of it sold at the actual event, so you'll soon -- not posted yet -- be able to buy some guts online and have all the money sent to help Japan in its time of need. Obviously, we feel our company owes a huge debt to Japan, whose kawaii-style illustrations have inspired us to put happy faces on super-simplified internal organs in the first place. We have no doubt the Japanese will find the resources and intestinal fortitude to pull through this impossibly difficult time.