Kawaii Report

Finding cuteness in unexpected places is always a delight. When that cuteness is found on the walls of a Zambian preschool, even better! Hop on over to Tokyo Bunnie and read the story of Brazilian illustrator Zeh Palito who brought his adorably vibrant kawaii-style friends to the Kwacha House Preschool in Zambia, Africa. I was also surprised and delighted to discover these bizarre and  fantastic drawings on the side of a box of Oat Heads oatmeal. Twitter bird Japan-based British designer Simon Oxley took the normally bland package design of bland breakfast cereal and turned it into a wonderland of crazy creatures, happy spoons and aliens blasting off into space. This kind of magical stuff happens when the business folks let designers actually design.Strolling the aisles of Target a month or so ago, I came across this awesomely adorable Bingo game, adorned with happy dinosaurs in love and sweet little frogs in a naive style. The colors and drawings are so great, I'm gonna need to find an excuse to play bingo. I wish I knew who designed this so I could give the artist full credit -- anybody know?

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