Guts @ Museum

Recent adventures in our new town included a visit to the National Museum of American History (can we propose to drop the words "National Museum" from all museums here? I'm not trying to be un-American, I'm just sayin' it gets redundant after a while. National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of Health and Medicine, National Museum of the American Indian, etc., it takes three whole words to hop over and see what museum it is and I am lazy. But I digress.). Of interest to our guts -- the stomach was particularly fascinated with Julia Child's kitchen, which was moved from Cambridge, Mass., and set up here in D.C., with every pot, pan and knife lovingly hung and restored. It is awesome. The uterus enjoyed an exhibit on the birth control pill (which turned 50 last year), which included lift-and-look windows to quiz visitors on their knowledge of the menstrual cycle, hormones, ovulation and so on (see above for "How does the pill affect the pituitary gland?").

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