Thanks to everyone who participated in our humongous heart haiku contest, we were blown away by the collective rhyming talent of our fine readers! You are all haiku masters and selecting a winner was almost impossible so we selected first place, second place, third plus an honorable mention. First place goes to Miss Keri S, who wins the humongous heart -- congrats, Miss Keri! Lacey claims the second prize -- a Spill Your Guts journal and I Heart Guts stationery set, both published by Chronicle Books -- for busting out "Arteriosclerosis" as her seven-syllable line. Third place goes to Jane, who gets to pick five organ lapel pins of her choice, and an honorable mention goes to Katherine, who noted that heartburn doesn't just come from burgers. The winning poems are below, thank you all so much for participating! FIRST PLACE: Miss Keri S. organ made of blood elastic dreams and tissue not the Kleenex kind SECOND PLACE: Lacey Butter is so good Arteriosclerosis Exercise I should THIRD PLACE: Jane you flutter and flop but don’t ever stop, that’s good slimy, shiny heart HONORABLE MENTION: Katherine My heart aches today Is is that cute guy I met Or indigestion?