Kick Cancer in the Balls

We're working with the Jailhouse Saloon outside Houston, Texas, to raise money for Matthew Gallagher, who is 21 years old and has stage 3 testicular cancer. His insurance is crapping out on him, so his friends are getting together to raise money to help cover the aggressive treatment he needs to beat the cancer, which has spread to the rest of his body. We're talking 8 hours of chemo a day. The photo is of his niece, who loves her Uncle Matt, and is wearing one of the I Heart Guts fundraising tees that reads "Don't Let Cancer Mess With Your Testis" on the front and "Help Matt Kick Cancer in the Balls" on the back. Our guts are crossed that they make enough moolah to make a dent in his deductible. If you're in the Houston area July 18, go to the benefit!

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