A few views from the good times we had at WonderCon 2010 in San Francisco, where the people-watching was at its best. Chuva took these beautiful photos of some of our favorite sights from the show, giving me some major telecommunications envy with her fake-Holga iPhone app, Hipstamatic. A little girl in costume, not sure what character she was supposed to be, a fabulous uterus tattoo and some weird scary nurse character from the video game Silent Hill. We were stuck behind the Just Dance booth, where they were pimping some Dance Dance Revolution type game. They played Spice Girls and MC Hammer a few times too many, but made up for it when a crowd of storm troopers danced in unison to "Eye of the Tiger." We caught Captain America busting moves onstage, met Boba Fett, and yes, the aforementioned storm trooper, plus eye-patch boob girl, another character I should know but do not -- but maybe you know who she is? also known-as Molotov Cocktease from Adult Swim -- thanks for illuminating us, Linda! Needless to say we had a fun time and met some great people. More pix on the I Heart Guts Flickr page.