Intestinal Success!

Though my son still has a long way to go in using the toilet instead of a diaper, I'm happy to report we've had some progress in the pooping department! Instead of boring you with the details, I've drawn a cartoon of the whole episode for your amusement. The Clif Bar poop idea sprung from the one time a friend and I made a kitty litter cake littered with Tootsie Roll "turds" for a friend's April Fool's birthday.

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  • gutsy

    perfect, no. sick of diapers, yes.

  • carolyn

    this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
    you are the PERFECT mother.

    miss you!!!

  • Van

    I love the comic- especially the frog in underwear! I must say, this hardens my resolution not to have children for another 20-30 years.

  • Devon V.

    OMG This is hilarious! Please make this a T-Shirt!!! My niece is going to start potty training soon and i would love to give this to her mother, whom would appreciate its humor.

  • Nell

    I wish you would illustrate all my parenting struggles—makes them so cute! The best potty advice I got was from The Girlfriend’s Guide To Toddlers, which basically said if you are patient enough they will toilet train themselves. I found that to be totally true. We didn’t win any races, and poo came way after pee, but we got there with little stress (but def a lot of confusion on my part.). Good luck!

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