iheartguts-stationery-journ For someone who has been forever obsessed with Japanese kawaii stationery, creating a stationery set with stickers has been a long-time dream of mine. So I am extremely excited to tell you that Chronicle Books will release an I Heart Guts journal and accompanying mix and match stationery set in 2010! Here's some photos of the endpapers and back cover of the advance copy of the journal: spill-guts-journal Yes, that is a gallbladder you see in the liver's ice cream cone. And yes, those kidneys are indeed playing badminton. And why shouldn't a uterus ride a bicycle? It goes without saying that I couldn't have begged for a better publisher than Chronicle. These people are total lovebugs -- and super-smart as well. Here's all the goodies included in the stationery set: guts-stationery Divulge your innardmost thoughts to the Spill Your Guts journal or write a love letter sealed with a spleen. Anyway, both the journal and mix-and-match letter set are now available for pre-order on Chronicle's website, but it won't be out until  the end of February 2010, so only pre-order if you're the really, really, REALLY patient type.