Menses in the House

menstrual-cycle-posterWell, it's the time of the month when we have menstrual cycle posters up for sale in the I Heart Guts shop. Special thanks to Dr. Catherine Leclair, Dr. Juliana Hansen, Dr. Jody Steinauer, and Paavi Davidson, who all helped straighten me out on a few key facts, and thanks also to everyone who wrote in with comments and corrections. You'll see the above final version includes a blastocyst, missing before, plus some clarification on the corpus luteum. The hormones are also drinking during the hormone party, which we though apropos for that pre-ovulatory time of the month. We hope this poster helps ya get through those progesterone drops and wacky hormonal hell, or at least livens up your walls. Ova and out.

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  • Nancy

    Hey dear,
    can you write what written on it because it’s not clear

  • mat

    Serious creativity here….
    Can I get it somewhere in a larger resolution?

  • hz

    no you can’t zoom in with firefox. the code on this site constrains the image laterally. zooming only makes it tall and thin

  • Kara Goodfellow

    If you have Firefox you can zoom in so you can read it

  • gutsy

    sadly, i’m a little constrained by the robots, i can’t upload a picture above a certain size without it crunching the hell out of the picture. sorry!

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