Urine Luck!

bladderWarning: this post may offend you. People have a funny way of getting to our website. We get linked to from all sorts of places, everything from acupuncture sites to people hunting for sexy enemas. Anyway, a recent link from the bulletin boards over at Wetset dot net (you can type it in yourself if you must) to our When Urine Love shirt made us realize this tee has special meaning to a certain subset of the population -- those folks who enjoy the occasional golden shower. Yup, that's right, people who enjoy peeing on people -- or being peed upon, more formally known as urolagnia. This is separate, mind you, from people who drink their own urine, known as urophagia (thanks, Wikipedia), or auto-immune therapy. Let's end with Dave Chapelle's classic R. Kelly sendup -- Pee On You.

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