Voting Is Sexy

Picture 2The kiddie section of Apartment Therapy has a poll going on with our guts right now -- are plush organs hot or not? This seems like an odd question to put to stuffed plushies, posed, as it often is, to partially clothed women trying to look like Paris Hilton and shirtless dudes. Anyway, as of 9:45 PST, 25 people think guts are hot -- "much more fun than a stuffed bunny and educational" -- and 5 people say the guts are "not really something to snuggle up with." Anyway, vote if you feel like it.


  • BikerPuppy

    I just gave my coworker (who has bad endometriosis) the womb. She loved it! I suspect she’ll hug it when no one is looking. :)

  • iheartguts

    awesome! well, chalk one person up for snuggling, then.

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