img_0658Getting our plush toys tested has been a real learning experience here at I Heart Guts. Example #1: did you know you have to give the testing company about 14 samples of each plush so each test (mechanical, lead, etc.) can be performed on a different doll? For small-time toymakers like us, sending off 14 plushies of each gut was, literally, like ripping our hearts out. We make our guts in small batches, and each gut is special to us. Curious to see what testing process would do to our guts, we asked the testing people to send the stuff back so we could see what happened. Some of them did indeed have the stuffin' beat out of them, some had their little faces ripped off. Sad. But the good news is some of them were just fine and that means we have SOLD OUT a very small number of the new plush around to sell fans of the intestine, spleen, bladder and stomach. These are prototypes, so please understand they do not have hangtags or labels on them explaining what they do. But you know what the intestine is all about anyway, right? Get them while they last, and if you miss these, don't worry -- the regular ones will be here in early May.