Total Recall

uterus-recall2Thank you to all of you who wrote in about the uterus recall, we're grateful for your understanding about the old girl. The irony of the ovaries being unsafe for children was not lost on anyone. Some of the funniest comments so far include, "My I-Heart-Guts Uterus is not accessible to children and I promise not to feed to any small children in the future." And, "Thanks, but we like our toys dangerous!  Good thing I know the Heimlich." And, " I am perplexed by someone who would give a uterus to a small child, but hey, to each his own. " And, "I will not be sending my uterus back -- I love it too much!  I will, however, stop chewing on the fallopian tubes!" And, "If they are sucking on the fallopian tubes and ovaries... Well, that is just wrong in SO many ways!" And perhaps funniest of all, "I hate kids and love my plush uterus." Anyway, thanks for making us laugh during this difficult and sad time for the poor ol' uterus -- and for us. Even thought it's still just me and my husband working out of our apartment, I guess we are growing as a company and getting the growing pains that come with it. But we're happy the rest of our toys are kid-safe, it's a relief. Thank you to those of you who chose to opt-out, and we welcome anyone wanting to return the uterus for a refund or replacement -- whether she stays or goes, you still get a 15% off coupon code just for participating in the recall! Once we sew some adults-only labels on the uteri, we will put her back up for sale on the website for those in need of a womb.

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  • Ida

    My mature daughter is almost eleven and she knows all about the human body. Obviously NOT a choking hazard for her, but I think I heart guts is safe for kids and adults. Except for choking hazards. So I don’t think it’s for children with chewing issues, but i think it’s okay for my ten yr old

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