Kasper The Friendly Kidney

Holly's got guts -- she's having a kidney transplant on the 17th after a four year long wait for one. Major guts on this girl. At least now she has a plushie kidney, which she's named Kasper the Kidney. Very Kute. Hopefully all will go well, we are rooting for her over her at Guts HQ. She writes a great blog called Quest for a Kidney, so check it out and send her some love + support in the comments section! And be sure to send her awesome donor friend love and support, too!


  • iheartguts

    update from Holly and Oliver — the transplant went great and everyone’s healthy. YAY!

  • Scott Meis

    Just discovered this blog. I figured you might enjoy learning about our campaign mascot, Morgan D’ Organ. You can hop over to www.DonateLifeIllinois.org, under the Campus Campaign page to learn more. We love ole Morgan. Great blog!

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