Having a Gland ol' Time

You weirdos asked for 'em and now we have 'em -- glands! Brand-new gland-filled sticker packs are in the house and ready to go home with you. Fun, colorful and oversized, these endocrine-friendly stixs are perfect for decorating your stuff or reminding you exactly what on earth your pineal gland does (produces melatonin, that delightful sleep-inducing hormone). Whether you're studying up on your endocrinology or just feeling hormonal, you need yourself some glands. In my head, all the glands were sort of undifferentiated blob-shaped sacks, but of course they all have their own wonderful special shapes unique to them. I'll admit I was skeptical about how cute a testicle could be (he's the blue one to the left), but I've warmed up to him.

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