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Information for Stores

IHEARTGUTS-POSTER-COPYRIGHTED-MATERIALYou may check out our online catalog (but you’ll need a password, so contact us, with your store resale number, to get one). If you represent a store and would like a printed copy of our wholesale catalog, please write to us with your store name, address and resale number. If you are a regular person and want to see all our guts, please visit our website, everything is there and up to date, sorry we only send paper catalogs to stores!

Plush Distribution

Our plush toys, pins, stickers and posters are sold to stores through the following fine folks:

USA, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa
DKE Toys
toll-free: 877-DKE-TOYS
ph: 818-765-3500
fax: 818-765-3533
e-mail: dkelemer (at) aol (dot) com

Australia/New Zealand
The Urban Refinery

Everest Wholesale
 65 Bittern Street
Ancaster, ON, Canada
L9G 4V5
ph: 905-304-9155
fax: 905-304-9154
e-mail: sales@everesttoys.com

Point of Sale Stuff

iheartguts-point-of-saleDownload our fun free poster (pictured above) of our plush for display in your store, or you can request a printed one, along with fun shelf-talkers, when you place a wholesale order!

Journal + Stationery

Our Spill Your Guts journal and Mix and Match I Heart Guts Stationery are published by Chronicle Books and are available for purchase via Hachette Book Group.


T-shirts are available for wholesale through I Heart Guts, please contact us for details!

Licensing Opportunities

iheartguts-licensing-partnersI Heart Guts’ eye-catching organ characters are available to create incredible products through licensing of our Intellectual Property (IP). Please contact us today for more information about licensing I Heart Guts, we have a million ideas and want to work with you!

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