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Loud Lungs - I Lung Rock N Roll


This adorable, super-soft, gigantic 11" x 10" x 4" lung is perfect for cuddlin', and makes a great gift for someone who can't stop talking, singing, or anyone who needs some extra breathing power. Lungs bring fresh oxygen into our bodies, removing carbon dioxide and other gas waste products so we can breathe easy. Next time you inhale, give thanks to these powerful windbags. Comes with a long-winded hangtag telling you all about this inspiring organ. Safe for all ages. Designed in California, made in China.

Hangtag Details:
Can't Buy Me Lung
Location: Surrounding your heart, inside your chest
Likes: O2, inspiration, singing, wind instruments, respiratory therapists
Dislikes: CO2, smoking, blowhards
Fave Bands: Every Breath You Take by The Police, anything by Air Supply
Wants to Meet: Someone to take my breath away. But not literally.

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