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Immense Intestine + Appendix - Go With Your Gut!


We heart our new intestines and we hope you will too! The small intestine absorbs nutrients from food while the large intestine takes in water and excretes solid waste. New and improved super-soft high-quality 9" x 9" plush comes with a wonderful booklet-style filled with art and information about everyone's favorite gastrointestinal pal. Appendix included! Safe for all ages, this plush comes packed inside a biodegradable plastic sleeve. Designed in California, made in China.

Hangtag Details:
Intestine: I Heart Your Guts!
Location: lower torso
Occupation: waste management
Likes: gastroenterologists, fiber
Dislikes: colonoscopies, gas
TV shows: G.I. Joe
Magazines: Reader's Digest
Fave Foods: oatmeal, prunes, coffee
Pets: e. coli, acidophilus

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