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I Got the Beat - Brown - Heart T-shirt


love your insides.

You've got guts...why shouldn't your T-shirt? Squirting happy heart says "I Got the Beat" in English and Japanese. WE ARE DISCONTINUING THIS SHIRT IN FAVOR OF THE NEW BIG HEART TEE! ONLY A FEW SIZES LEFT... Silkscreened onto super-soft brown American Apparel tee (please see their women's fit guide or men's fit guide for the correct size). Wash cold, inside-out, and hang dry for a happy, long-lived tee.

A note about sizes: If you are not familiar with American Apparel tees, please know that these shirts are cut extra slim and are smaller than regular tees. Please make sure you get the right size by consulting American Apparel's fit guide before ordering, visiting an American Apparel store to find your size, or ordering one size larger than your normal size if you prefer a looser fit. Made and printed in the USA.

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