Tooth Plush - Flossin' Ain't Just For Gangstas


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This 8" x 7" happy plush tooth loves to smile. Makes a great mascot for any dentist office. Fun-filled educational hangtag offers wisdom and bite-sized facts about your mouthful of little enamel nuggets. We also have a tooth lapel pin. Don't forget to brush, floss and gargle! Designed in the US, made in China. Safe for all ages.

Hangtag Details
These tough little enamel nuggets are on the front line of digestion, working hard to break down food in our mouths before it’s swallowed and sent to the stomach. Teeth come in all shapes and sizes, from baby to wisdom, molar to canine. Don’t forget to brush, floss and gargle!

You Can't Handle The Tooth
Location: inside your mouth
Likes: mouthwash, dentists, the Tooth Fairy
Dislikes: cavities, root canals, taffy
Fave Song: "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen
Fave Places: dental office
Looking For: somebody who makes me smile.