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Shop Local

Posted: Monday, November 30th, 2009

holiday-gift-ideas-2009If you live in Los Angeles and are even thinking about hitting the mall for some holiday shopping this weekend, stop yourself! Come to Unique Los Angeles instead! We will be there Dec. 5 & 6 along with a gang of other 250 great local vendors selling cool and interesting stuff (including our fabulous new Heart of Gold wreath, pictured here). Festive and fun and better than any horrid shopping center, you can find everything from a rainbow Abraham Lincoln head made from crayons to kids clothes to eco wares from over 50 different green vendors. We have a bunch of wristbands that let you get in free, so contact us if you’re interested — these are limited, so write soon! Wear an I Heart Guts t-shirt to the event and get a free pin! So many exclamation points!

Spill Your Guts!

Posted: Monday, November 23rd, 2009


For someone who has been forever obsessed with Japanese kawaii stationery, creating a stationery set with stickers has been a long-time dream of mine. So I am extremely excited to tell you that Chronicle Books will release an I Heart Guts journal and accompanying mix and match stationery set in 2010! Here’s some photos of the endpapers and back cover of the advance copy of the journal:


Yes, that is a gallbladder you see in the liver’s ice cream cone. And yes, those kidneys are indeed playing badminton. And why shouldn’t a uterus ride a bicycle? It goes without saying that I couldn’t have begged for a better publisher than Chronicle. These people are total lovebugs — and super-smart as well. Here’s all the goodies included in the stationery set:


Divulge your innardmost thoughts to the Spill Your Guts journal or write a love letter sealed with a spleen. Anyway, both the journal and mix-and-match letter set are now available for pre-order on Chronicle’s website, but it won’t be out until  the end of February 2010, so only pre-order if you’re the really, really, REALLY patient type.

Gutsy Events

Posted: Friday, November 20th, 2009

dcondate_thumbGutsy handmades will be at a coast near you very soon. This weekend, visit our custom yoka at the adfunture/DKE Toys art show at DesignerCon in Pasadena tomorrow, Nov. 21. The other yokas are about a million times cooler than the one I made, so you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at the amazing creations that will be on display at DesignerCon. I Heart Guts will also have three felt brooches at the Luv-able Hug-able show at Gallery Hanahou in New York, so check ‘em out! The theme this year is “Medium and Mini” — aka small, affordable and recession-friendly. The gallery also has a ton of our regular guts for sale on consignment, so if you’re in New York and need guts, this is the place to go. The show opens Dec. 3rd and runs through January 9th.

Gut Lovin’ Bugs

Posted: Monday, November 16th, 2009

i-heart-gut-bugs-intestineIs your gut bugging you? Sometimes that can be a good thing, especially when it comes to the heathful bacteria that lives in your digestive system and helps you to digest food. There are about 300 – 1000 different species of guts bugs living in your large intestine, some good, some bad. Recently you may have noticed that probiotics are all the rage, sneaking into all kinds of food, from yogurt to cereal. Last weekend I came across the pictured sticker in a promotion for phd, a new probio beverage on the market, check out their gut bug blog for more info.

Livers vs. Breasts

Posted: Friday, November 13th, 2009

liver-mammaryNovember is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, but hold on, that’s not all. This month also marks lung cancer, pulmonary hypertension awareness and gastroesophageal reflux disease awareness. January is Thyroid month, February is Heart Disease Awareness, March is Kidney Awareness Month… September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Perhaps last month you noticed a tide of pink products in stores marking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which has got to win the prize as the best-known affliction — pink ribbons, pink knives, pink cereal boxes are all supposed to raise money for breast cancer research. Or is it just great marketing? You decide. Woe is October, which brings awareness not just to breasts, but also to liver cancer, diabetes, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and squirrels.

Menses in the House

Posted: Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

menstrual-cycle-posterWell, it’s the time of the month when we have menstrual cycle posters up for sale in the I Heart Guts shop. Special thanks to Dr. Catherine Leclair, Dr. Juliana Hansen, Dr. Jody Steinauer, and Paavi Davidson, who all helped straighten me out on a few key facts, and thanks also to everyone who wrote in with comments and corrections. You’ll see the above final version includes a blastocyst, missing before, plus some clarification on the corpus luteum. The hormones are also drinking during the hormone party, which we though apropos for that pre-ovulatory time of the month. We hope this poster helps ya get through those progesterone drops and wacky hormonal hell, or at least livens up your walls. Ova and out.

Eating Guts

Posted: Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

organ-placematI tried to make an alphabetical guts placemat for my two-year-old son, hoping to include every organ and gland we have around here. I got stuck after a while, though, once it dawned on me that spleen, sebaceous, stomach, sweat gland and salivary glands were going to make it very difficult to place all those guts. So I just made a placemat of of all the guts, alphabet be damned. I’ll letcha know how much information he actually absorbs as he flings food all over it.

The Wait Is Ova

Posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

uteru-shirt-unmSome students from University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine wrote to us about designing a fundraising shirt for their local Medical Students for Choice organization. We are always happy to slap a uterus up on a shirt, so we agreed on the “Ova Achiever” slogan (seems appropriate for you butt-kicking med school types) and they got them printed up. They just sent these fun photos — we always love seeing a man in a uterus tee.

Invisible Bear

Posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

iheartguts-yokaMeet our new friend Invisible Bear, who we painted as part of adFunture/DKE Toys Custom Yoka art show at the upcoming Designer Con (formerly Vinyl Toy Network). Don’t let his gruff looks fool you — this guy is all heart. He’s also about as tall as a Smurf collectible, so don’t be afraid (see photo below right to see him next to a quarter). His teeny tiny size made him pretty tough to paint, so I did my best to make his tiny little vertebrae in line and his little tiny bones sorta straight. If you feel like it, go visit him and hundreds of other custom yokas in person at Designer Con, which runs in Pasadena Saturday, Nov. 21. There will be loads of amazing people there, including Mr. Toast, Bored Inc., Spicy Brown, plus some of our favorite Los Angeles-area stores like Munky King, Japan LA. and Black Maria Gallery.


Brain Food

Posted: Monday, November 9th, 2009

brainHere’s some food for thought the good folks at John’s Country Kitchen in Charlotte, NC, eat brains for breakfast, and they’re not even zombies. This country diner makes the most of leftover organs by fashioning them into livercakes or mixing brains with eggs and serving it up with grits. We’re assuming beef livers and brains, but I guess it could be pork or even sheep. Don’t ask me, though, I know little about eating offal. Um, thanks guys, but I think I’ll stick with the egg special for $3.85. {Thanks, Codi! via Roadfood.com}

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